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See full list of all 300 licensed assisted senior living facilities in Connecticut for 2019. Senior Living Help enables senior citizens and their loved ones to find every licensed assisted living facility in Connecticut. If you or your loved one are trying to locate a facility in any part of Connecticut with kind and caring staff who will assist with daily living activities such as taking a bath, dressing, eating, moving around or any other activities, please browse all facility listings below by your city or county, or alternatively use the search box above to find an assisted living community in Connecticut that is near your location.

Cost and Room Types for Connecticut Assisted Living

Connecticut is one of the most expensive states in this part of the country for many things. Housing is one of them but assisted living is pretty comparable to many other states at $4,700 per month, and in some cities can rise to $5,940. This is average rate for assisted living apartments in some of the more expensive areas of Connecticut.

One important fact to keep in mind is that the rates listed may or may not include Alzheimer’s and memory care. An assisted living center that offers memory care can add several hundred or more to the base rate for the room rent. The average additional cost for memory care is between $940 and $1,410. Hartford, Bridgeport, Norwalk and Stamford areas are the priciest for assisted living right out of the gate without much wriggle room. However, you’ll find an average monthly assisted living cost of only $3,435 in the New Haven area.

Connecticut Assisted Living Room Types and Requirements

Connecticut assisted living units do not have any square footage requirements. They must provide food preparation and storage for each unit. The senior care facility can’t request that a resident share a room.

There are no specifications for how many residents can share a room published. Sharing is up to the resident at the time of entry. Each room must have a full bath and easy access between living areas and the common areas. The common areas must be able to hold half of the residents at the same time safely. For Alzheimer’s residents, different licensure rules apply.

How to Pay for Your Assisted Living Facility in Connecticut

Connecticut doesn’t currently have Medicaid covering assisted living costs. This is common with most of the country. Medicaid will only cover nursing home assistance and at home care. This is for the purpose of keeping seniors and retirees as independent as possible in the hopes of avoiding a nursing home stay. This came about because nursing homes can have residents there that don’t necessarily need to be there quite yet.

There is a Medicaid waiver program for assisted living costs called Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders. This waiver covers assisted living, home care, some home modifications, meals delivered and more. It’s quite a well-rounded waiver that older Connecticut residents could benefit from in several ways while at their senior assisted living center. Additionally, the Congregate Housing Services Program offers subsidized housing in 14 locations. They offer personal care, transportation services, meal preparation and more.

There are other means to cover or supplement Connecticut assisted living costs, home care or foster care or adult day care. If you have long-term care insurance, this would be a good idea to look into. Some companies will actually take you over 65 years of age. Veteran’s benefits can be a great supplement to assisted living costs. There are some non-profits for vets that have assisted living facilities available as well as charity or religious organizations as well.

List of Connecticut Assisted Living Facilities:

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300 Assisted Living Facilities in Connecticut

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